BSC1- 9 bước triển khai – 9 Steps to Success

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9 bước triển khai BSC – Thẻ điểm cân bằng tại Doanh  nghiệp (bắt đầu từ Assessment theo ngược chiều kim đồng hồ)

9 steps to success BSC

9 steps to success

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9 Steps to Success – a methodology for using our software:

The Strategic Plan example follows a set well-established course.
- The main goal being alignment of outcomes with stakeholder needs.
- Stakeholders only invest funds because they need to make a profit.
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Planning Phase (Planned Outcomes) 

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Step 1. Develop your Strategic Statement Framework.
Vision, Mission, Goal, Slogan, SWOT, Values, Policies, Procedures & More. 

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Step 2. Build your “Strategic Picture”.
Derive your Corporate Objectives from the Strategic Statements.
Create your “bigger picture”: The Perspective aligned Strategy Map flowchart. 

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Step 3. Design your Balanced Scorecard by adding KPI/KRA, Measures and Scores type columns.
Cascade the Objectives in the Objectives Table.
Add additional special purpose columns to both the Objectives and Initiatives grid as required. 

Concept Software
Step 4. Allocate several initiatives with date-ranges to each Objective row.
Enter in your monthly budget requirements and allocations. 

Approval Phase 

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Step 5. Apply Strategic Alignment scrutiny to Initiatives,
Analyze monthly progress and approve the budgets. 

Step 6. Modify budgets and add extra Initiatives as required.
Seek out those Intangible Assets in the Initiatives statements. 

Implementation Phase (Actual Outcomes) 

Step 7. Add Actual monthly data and mark each month as Valid.
Monitor Initiative Monthly progress outcomes using Actual/Planned analysis. 

Step 8. Use numeric gauges to provide Closed Loop Feedback.
Analyse general outcome success analysis. 

Step 9. Take corrective action in response to WYSIWYG Gauges in the Organizational Tree and Strategy Map. 

Chi tiết các bạn xem tài liệu Việt hóa một nửa đây: BSC9. 9 steps to success BSC

Bài giảng của Howard Rohm – Vice President, the Balance ScoreCard Institute và Directer, U.S. Foundation for Perfomance Measurement:

Improve Public Sector Results with a Balance ScoreCard – 9 steps to success

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